[rescue] Are Sun A5x00 arrays fabric compatible?

ghub005 ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Wed Jun 30 01:55:47 CDT 2004

Hi Lads

I've got a stack of cheap 1.6" Seagate 73GB/10k disks that I'd like to attach to 
the SAN in my test-lab. I also have an old A5100 array that I'd like to use.

When I direct-attach the A5100 to a 280r server the luxadm utility picks up 
the disks with no problems. However when I put the array onto a Brocade 
2800, luxadm can no longer see the disks from the 280r.

Is the A5100 array actually compatible with a switched fabric? I know I've 
been on client sites where A5200 arrays were on switch fabrics, but I can find 
no definitive answer for the older A5100 arrays.

I've tried both single and dual loop configs, but neither have worked. Any info 
you might have would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,


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