[rescue] Silicon Graphics Personal Iris.

Doug McLaren dougmc+sunhelp at frenzy.com
Mon Jun 28 10:30:39 CDT 2004

On Mon, Jun 21, 2004 at 09:19:28AM +1000, Benjamin Gardiner wrote:

| the issue I am having though, is that the way the os was set up was to
| have most of  /usr remotley mounted... this is exactly the same for
| both machines, one running IRIX 3.3.1 and one running 4.0.5.
| Now unfortunately I only have one of the two tapes needed to install
| irix, and also no tape drive for this type of tape...
| Were any of these releases ever released on cd at all?

4.0.5 certainly was.

| Also I know I can use 5.3 on these machines but would prefer not too,
| as disk space and memory is an issue.

Yup ... it's not pretty.
| And does anyone know where to source these older versions of IRIX at all.

I'm pretty sure I have access to 4.0.5 cds ...

(If they haven't already been thrown out, that is.)

Note that these machines won't boot off a CD that doesn't have the
right sector size.  Some CD drives let you pick the sector size
through jumpers -- 512, 1024 or 2048 bytes.  I forget which one is
right for the older SGIs, however -- I guess google or trial and error
would do it.

I've got an Indigo^1 R4000 if somebody wants it.  I'm not shipping
unless you pay for shipping and have something cool to trade (ham
radio stuff would be nice) but I could probably be persuaded to part
with it for somebody who can pick it up in Austin, TX.  I haven't
powered it on in years, it's time for it to go.

Doug McLaren, dougmc at frenzy.com
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