[rescue] Re: NS FIP 3.3 boot floppy images?

James Rice jrice54 at vzavenue.net
Mon Jun 28 08:14:52 CDT 2004

>Ah, so you *are* on the Rescue list - your Canon page came up near the top
>on my Google searches.  Excellent collection you have going, and very nice
>web site - I have been slacking for years on putting some pages together.
Thanks.  I 've been crusing Ebay for years looking for NeXT and Canon 
hardware.  All of my stuff is still warehoused until the end of July.  
I'll see what documentation I have when I unpack.  There isn't much.  I 
do need to make disk images of all of the driver disks that came with my 

One of mine came from an old employee of a engineering firm that 
assisted Canon in design of the object.stations and driver development.  
He sold me some spare parts as well as my OEM Canon monitor. I think I 
still have his email address around somewhere.  It seemed that he had 
taken a job in the Austin area.

Neither of my units have a working LED on the front.  One of those thing 
I've been meaning to take a look at.  I need a whole shit-load of round 



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