[rescue] Re: NS FIP 3.3 boot floppy images?

James Rice jrice54 at vzavenue.net
Sat Jun 26 13:43:13 CDT 2004

>So, for grins, I think when this install completes I'll fire up the Turbo
>Color sitting NeXT to it and run them side by side for a while.  Perhaps 
>NeXT week I'll do the HP715 and the SS4... quad-fat, baby!  Yeah!

In my experience, the 486DX4-100 in the object.station will blow the 
'040 in the Turbocolor out of the water, but the Sparc 5-110 will run 
both of them into the ground.  All of them are running the same version, 
NS 3.3.  I have no experience with the HP "green" hardware. I still 
prefer "black" hardware.  Kind of like running BeOS on a Daystar 
Genesis.  It's a lot faster but not really the same experience as a real 

You might want to watch the Varta CMOS batteries on the object.station 
closely.  Both of my  object.station batteries started leaking.


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