[rescue] 300-400MHz UltraSPARC II CPUs for sale?

mrl vlack-lists at vlack.com
Fri Jun 25 17:16:30 CDT 2004

I got a couple of Ultra2s a while back, and I want to purchase two
300MHz or 400MHz CPUs for them. I've watched ebay, and probably let a
few good deals pass while looking for an *excellent* deal, and now there
are *no* deals (well, except one, and it doesn't end for another 9
days)... blah.

Ideally, I'd like to buy a couple of 300MHz CPUs for ~35$ apiece.
Feel free to...: 

- email me high offers; if you're the lowest offer, even if you're
higher than 35$, I'll probably buy from you, because I don't want to
wait for another good offer on ebay - argh!
- email me with low offers; I'll purchase 4 CPUs instead of just 2 if I
can afford it :)
- email me with the more expensive 400MHz CPUs. Of course, I'd rather
have these if I can afford them, so go ahead and tell me what you'd take
for yours!


 - Micah

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