[rescue] Problem with serial port on Sun

Jay Monkman jtm-rescue at smoothsmoothie.com
Wed Jun 23 23:42:25 CDT 2004

I just got an E250 to play with, and think I broke it. :-(

I modified the the serial port settings in NVRAM, and now the system
hangs. It complains, "bad handshake '' ". I think that's because I did
"setenv ttya-mode 9600,8,n,1" instead of "setenv ttya-mode 9600,8,n,1,-"

When it boots, it displays the following:
     bad handshake ''
     bad handshake ''
     Can't open input device.
     screen not found.
     Can't open input device.
     Keyboard not present.  Using ttya for input and output.
then hangs forever (or at least 10 minutes).

Sending a break does no good anymore.

>From reading the documentation, it looks like I could fix this if I
had a keyboard and display, but I don't. Is there some way to fix this
with only a serial terminal?


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