[rescue] Re: [geeks] ANYONE WANT A GMAIL ACCOUNT?

Brooke Gravitt brooke at gravitt.org
Wed Jun 23 12:56:31 CDT 2004

> Why?  Are you thinking of starting a company to make them?

Funny- I was thinking of this today. I wonder how hard it'd be to
manufacture keyboards? There are several different types I'd like to make.

> I'd like:
> * No Caps Lock key
> * Ctrl in the right place (where caps lock usually is)
> * Esc in the right place (where ` is)
> * Meta key (instead of Alt)
> * Hyper and Super keys (instead of the windows keys, or whatever the
>   icon is on the linux and mac keyboards).
> * A choice of clicky 4mm throw models and non clicky 2mm throw models. *
> Make ( and ) not require a shift.
> * make { and } not require a shift.
> * [ and ] are allowed to require a shift.
> Anything else?  Anyone?

Well, I like the Apple PowerBook ones with the backlit keys, I love the
IBM clickety ones, and I'd like a small one like my blackberry has. I'd
like them all to have USB ports, but not necessarily the cable attached.
Also, they should support bluetooth. Key caps should be replaceable, since
I wear them shiny so fast. Plus, you could easily make it a Dvorak layout
(if you're a touch typist it wouldn't matter) or drive people crazy by
moving2 or 3 keycaps around. We used to do this to a guy on our RS/6000
workstations  and he would get so mad. fun.

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