[rescue] OT: Suggestions on > 10GB file transfer

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Mon Jun 21 15:40:43 CDT 2004

On Mon, Jun 21, 2004 at 04:28:25PM -0400, Matthew Haas wrote:
>  Tomorrow I will be investigating a file transfer problem, involving a
> 20GB file (image from a mammoth tape) from a 1TB HFS+ filesystem to
> another HFS+ filesystem (320GB? 768GB? some other drive array)..
>  System involved is an Apple G5 dual processor, 8GB RAM, OS X Panther
> (10.3).
>  Apparently, using the pointy-clicky graphical OS X file copy mechanisms,
> the copy will go ~ 10GB into the copy before bailing out with some sort of
> I/O error being reported. Supposedly it has been checked and the 1TB
> filesystem is intact... underlying drives are in working condition, as a
> similar 20GB file revealed the same symptoms.
>  So my question is.. has anyone encountered issues transferring files of
> this magnitude? On G5/OS X?
>  And any recommendations for getting this data moved off of the 1TB
> filesystem? I'm curious as to whether it may be some sort of buffer
> problem in OS X, and maybe going in via command-line and cp'ing the file
> won't solve the problem (but I won't know until tomorrow), but I figured
> I'd try and get some other ideas should that fail.
>  From doing some quick googling, it would seem that HFS+ can handle up to
> 2TB filesystems? I'm trying to find more specifics, so any technical
> pointers would be helpful as well.

I'd either try cp, or even rsync.


bill bradford
austin texas

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