[rescue] OT: Suggestions on > 10GB file transfer

Matthew Haas wedge at lightlink.com
Mon Jun 21 15:28:25 CDT 2004

Hello everyone,

 Tomorrow I will be investigating a file transfer problem, involving a
20GB file (image from a mammoth tape) from a 1TB HFS+ filesystem to
another HFS+ filesystem (320GB? 768GB? some other drive array)..

 System involved is an Apple G5 dual processor, 8GB RAM, OS X Panther

 Apparently, using the pointy-clicky graphical OS X file copy mechanisms,
the copy will go ~ 10GB into the copy before bailing out with some sort of
I/O error being reported. Supposedly it has been checked and the 1TB
filesystem is intact... underlying drives are in working condition, as a
similar 20GB file revealed the same symptoms.

 So my question is.. has anyone encountered issues transferring files of
this magnitude? On G5/OS X?

 And any recommendations for getting this data moved off of the 1TB
filesystem? I'm curious as to whether it may be some sort of buffer
problem in OS X, and maybe going in via command-line and cp'ing the file
won't solve the problem (but I won't know until tomorrow), but I figured
I'd try and get some other ideas should that fail.

 From doing some quick googling, it would seem that HFS+ can handle up to
2TB filesystems? I'm trying to find more specifics, so any technical
pointers would be helpful as well.


 Matthew Haas
 Corning/Geneseo, NY

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