[rescue] faster serial ports for you apple printer

bitrot bitrot at cat5.be
Mon Jun 21 09:54:59 CDT 2004

Kurt Mosiejczuk wrote:
> On Mon, 21 Jun 2004, bitrot wrote:
>>You can change the comms settings on the printer by executing the
>>following bit of PS:
>>serverdict begin 0 exitserver
>>statusdict begin
>>25 57600 0 setsccbatch
> Thank you.  You are my hero of the day =)
> --Kurt (Whose IIntx will now crawl faster)
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to verify that it works, when you turn on your laserwriter the page
is prints with the stats on it should now say

rs-232 57600 baud
rs-422 9600 baud
35 fonts in rom
3mb ram <-if you have that much :)

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