[rescue] apple printer rescued / rubber renew?

bitrot bitrot at cat5.be
Mon Jun 21 08:24:54 CDT 2004

Does anyone remember a product called rubber renew. It was
used on the rollers and paper pickup of these old printers.
Is there a generic name or substitute ?

Well an office was tossing out an OLD Apple LaserWriter II NTX. manuf. 
1991 Oct.  It looked in good condition and  had a new toner to boot.

Generally I dont bother as most of these old beasts were just apple
talk interfaces only.  BUT .....This one has a DB25 Serial Interface.


Too it home, read online docs, reprogrammed printers serial interface
speed from 9600 > 57600. Fired up CUPS and voila a VERY nice
300 dpi postscript 2 printer.   (I just sold my stinking inkjet
on ebay yeah) I hate inkjets.

Just can't believe its 13 years old and still working great.

I am currently looking for rubber renew liquid does anyone
know a subsitute ?  It would help the paper pickup rollers
a lot i think.

ps: this printer has 3mb ram, and has printer 28000+ pages


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