[rescue] Silicon Graphics Personal Iris.

Benjamin Gardiner cvisors at gmail.com
Sun Jun 20 18:19:28 CDT 2004

Over the weekend I managed to get my hands on two personal irises.

At first I though only one could boot, but both are booting to a
degree, both of them are 4D25s with 16 meg of ram, and 180Meg hard

the issue I am having though, is that the way the os was set up was to
have most of  /usr remotley mounted... this is exactly the same for
both machines, one running IRIX 3.3.1 and one running 4.0.5.

Now unfortunately I only have one of the two tapes needed to install
irix, and also no tape drive for this type of tape...

Were any of these releases ever released on cd at all?

Also I know I can use 5.3 on these machines but would prefer not too,
as disk space and memory is an issue.

And does anyone know where to source these older versions of IRIX at all.



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