[rescue] Free to good home, Seattle area

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Sat Jun 19 19:30:15 CDT 2004


I'm culling the herd, and I'd like to help get someone started down the
primrose path.

To that end, I'm offering my original Sun computer to anyone who would like

It's a Sun IPX workstation.  "Lunchbox" formfactor.  64 MB, no HD installed,
but it will netboot or take any size 50-pin HH SCSI drive.  I rescued this
from a dumpster behind Apple Computer in Cupertino in '94, and used it for a
file server, DNS server, and outgoing mailserver for years.  Great little
box.  Cost something like $11,000 new in '92.  No monitor, mouse, or
keyboard, but it works best via serial console or telnet anyway.  I may be
able to provide a small HD and install Solaris 7 if pressed.

Call or write.

Sheldon T. Hall
shel at cmhc.com
206-780-7971 (CMHC)
206-842-2858 (Home)

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