[rescue] Recirculating water chiller? Anyone seen one?

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Thu Jun 17 19:46:05 CDT 2004

Heya everyone, I have a need for a recirculating water chiller. These
things are made by Neslab? Nesslab? and others.

I need it cause my homebrew laser water chiller doesn't work well. I used
a 7500 BTU window AC unit and dropped the front coil set into a cooler and
had water running thru it. I'd like to find something compact that could
do the trick. I think the laser needs 3-4 gallons per minute, not sure how
much heat she dissapates but it ain't pretty... 3 phase 208vac / 30 amp
circuit breaker. I think it hits the tube with 300vdc @ 45amps, but I
could be wrong. With the AC running if I crank it up all the way it can
get the water up to 118 degrees (with the AC running).

They show up in surplus places. Places where you find midrange SGIs and
such. If anyone sees one that is cheap (and not too large) can you give me
a hollar? They come up at local auctions once in a great while. It would
need to be somewhere around DC or so.


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