[rescue] Is that time of the year again, more free stuffs in Santa Cruz, CA

Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez lefa at ucsc.edu
Thu Jun 17 19:21:30 CDT 2004

OK, trying to make more room in our garage... I may not be able to ship
this stuff, so pick up is preferred.

-. Metric butload of Sparc5's, 10SX's, and 20's
\. Some old SM?? modules for the 10 and 20
|. Even more keyboards and mice
/. A few SUN and SGI trinitron monitors
-. Big ass x86 server, dual PII/400s (?) full of RAM, tons of SCSI
   canisters, redundant power supplies, the works.
\. Grab Box of RS6000 parts: Video, Memory, Ethernet, etc.
|. Couple of SGI Challenge/Onyx power supplies.

I do not have the time to test all this stuff, so it is "as-is."

I also have a nice PowerMac 8500 with a G3 upgrade board, 200+MB RAM,
17inch apple monitor, and laserwriter. Not sure about its value.

Not really looking for any money (any donations are appreciated though
:)), but I would like to see these things go to some place they may be
appreciated. I am interested in the following things if anyone wants to

- large SCSI or IDE disks.
- Fast supersparc module.
- 8MB VSIMM for sparc20.
- SparcServer 1000? :)
- PostScript printer, nothing too big though.
- Rackmount ATX enclosure.
- Alpha equipment (wanna learn VMS)


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