[rescue] EMC question (Pictures)

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Thu Jun 17 16:06:26 CDT 2004

> I have heard rumors that prostitutes have been used in some cases to
> obtain an order.  Just a rumor, but given the pricing, EMC could
> certainly afford it if that was the case.
> --P

Story I heard was this. EMC Rep "Yea, we can sell you one for $500,000"
Manager "$500? No way, way out of our budget"
EMC Rep "Well what is your target price?"
Manager "$300k"
EMC Rep "Okay, sold for $300k"

$200k in two sentences.

My friend got to go on a trip. Limos, fine dining, all this stuff he
wasn't used to. Strip clubs wouldn't have been outta the question but
there was a lady with them.

Being a decision maker for a company buying EMC gear sounds like it is
similar to being Mayor or President.

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