[rescue] EMC question (Pictures)

Thomas Gallaway rescue at port11.net
Thu Jun 17 16:09:10 CDT 2004

Ethan O'Toole wrote:

>>The big clunk of worthlessness just arrived:
>>Actually I picked it up. Cost me $200 in total. I guess it's worth for
>>the parts (bunch of quad ethernets, about 1.5gb pc100 ECC ram and tonz
>>of fc/al stuff).
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>My friend used to work with these, said early on they weren't that good of
>an unit, but management was sold into it. I think it boots ms-dos on the
>data movers, which then kick off another code set that do the tasks...
>Said there was no benefit over having some hosts serve the data up via
>NFS. They were having issues where a cascade failure would occour. One
>would crash, then the load would shift, then crash then crash then the
>whole thing would come falling down.
>Just from what I remember, I don't know how much he remembers about em.
>Very cool find though, they were astronomically expensive. EMC wines and
>dines the managers tho.
Actually the backplane has BNC ethernet. Earch data mover besides having 
it's regular shit:
P3-700, 512mb ram, quad ethernet, emulex dual channel fc/al card, 
mainboard by motorola
dual 10mbit 3com nic???
The AUI connector connects to the power supply board that uses a lucent 
dc/dc converter
then goes onto the backplane and from there onto a BNC network.

I guess that way they dont have to use a network switch. But why dual 
controllers per chassie.

Also I have not found any IDE or SCSI drive anywhere. Going to 
investigate a bit further. The
controll station had a floppy in the inside too.

-- Thomas

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