[rescue] HP-Convex Exemplar X-Class

Corda Albert J DLVA CordaAJ at NSWC.NAVY.MIL
Thu Jun 17 14:01:42 CDT 2004

HP X-class... is your machine a SPP2000 or 2500?  I have a line
on an SPP2000 that's supposed to arrive in this area within a week or
so (missing disks and OS), but I haven't been able to determine if
it will run HP-UX...  I've heard talk of an OS called SPP-UX (or
something to that effect...) but I haven't been able to find out
much more. There actually is a convex usenet group, but from what
I've seen, its filled mostly with spam.

There also seems to be some docs on the HP site that may be of help.


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Hi, rescuers!

I got this beast this monday and feel like a child at christmas. :-)

I drove around 1400 kilometers together with a friend to get this baby
to my parents' house where it will find it's new home in the basement
next saturday.

When i get it up and running i will put together a nice picture gallery
and some thankful words to the guys who gave me my new toy and helped
loading it. (esp. Philipp Schulte at the University of Duisburg)

For bridging the time gap until this has happened (will take quite a
while i guess) here a few pictures we made while unloading all the
stuff: http://gaia.sunn.de/rechner/spp/rescue_action/


Computer games don't affect kids. I mean, if PacMan affected
us as kids,  we'd all run around in a darkened room munching
pills and listening to repetitive music!
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