[rescue] Tektronix Phaser 840 plus

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Thu Jun 17 09:24:59 CDT 2004

> I'm not sure that's accurate.  The cost of a toner cartridge for my
> LaserJet 4si/mx ($100) was a lot less than the cost of HP's equivalent
> new printer to my old 4si (Like an LJ 8000).   In fact, the toner cart
> is supposed to last 12k pages, which is probably longer than el-cheapo
> inkjet from wurstbuy would last (definitely longer than the 1/2 filled
> "economy" ink cartridge that it ships with would print).
> I'm assuming, of course, that a LJ 8000's toner cartridge is the same
> cost as the 4si's cart (+- a bit) to fit your 'modern printer'
> requirement.
> Pat

A black and white laser printer is probably the most economical printer to

To be honest, I got like 28 expired ink carts that fit my designjet
plotter from a chick on eBay for something like 35 dollars. It makes
plotting out stupid things possible, without worry about costs.

I got the set of tektronix colorstix to test the phaser 340 for $25 on
eBay, one of each color. Maybe two black ones, don't remember. Ebay is the
source for economical stix, if you have a printer that prints right.

There is *some* information on fixing them, but I think they expect you to
have an adjustable vacume pump with a wax trap thing in order to suck the
crusted wax chunk outta the head or some such.

I wish my 340 worked, it would come in handy. The output is nice, other
than the missing parts.

Don't forget with a color laser printer there are 4 toner carts, and I
think only one vendor has 3rd party carts. Each one goes for about $100.
Then there is the developer belt thing, which lasts 25 or 50k prints.
Those are $500 I believe. Still you can get 2000+ pages out of one, which
makes it much cheaper than Color Stix which are $100 per 4 w/ free black.
The free black thing was to ease the pain it seems, the sales droids throw
that in there like your supposed to be happy. You see people on eBay with
90 black carts and 10 color ones for sale... too funny.

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