[rescue] Tektronix Phaser 840 plus

Michael Horton Michael.Horton at acntv.com
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the toner requires a hazardous material sticker because the toner,
itself, is a carcinogen.

the epa (or whomever monitors haz-mat at the federal level) should have
the information as well as your employer (usually found in the copy

the "old" tektronix laser line is now owned by xerox.

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James asked:
> > One good thing too is that the wax is way more environmental than
> > laserprinters.
> What would be toxic in toner? Black toner consists of carbon
   I think the OP is referring to the environmental impact of the rather
large plastic housing for the toner that gets swapped out each time it's
empty: not enough people recycle them.
   When I worked among a bleating  herd of Canon CLCs some years back,
we also went through quart-size containers of colored toner at a
surprising rate, and those went right into the trash (where an
workgroup, K-only laser printer has a unitary toner cart that gets
replasced). Still a waste.
   Aren't Phasers the line that IBM bought, where they give away the
printer if you sign a contract -- with minimum order levels -- to
purchase the consumables from them? If IBM figures it's a good deal to
give something away, you *know* you're getting the short, sharp end of
the deal.
   Why not look for a used Scitex IRIS printer?
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