[rescue] Tektronix Phaser 840 plus

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Thu Jun 17 01:01:37 CDT 2004

John Michael Bischoff declared on Thursday 17 June 2004 12:52 am:
> In case you hadn't found out about this the hard way, the price break
> for most modern printers is the first time you have to replace the
> ink/wax/toner.  After that, it's cheaper to get a new printer than it
> is to maintain the old one.  This does not bode well for rescuing
> these printers: the labor of love that we all know and deal with
> rapidly becomes a financial drain that literally sucks the resources
> from viable projects.

I'm not sure that's accurate.  The cost of a toner cartridge for my 
LaserJet 4si/mx ($100) was a lot less than the cost of HP's equivalent 
new printer to my old 4si (Like an LJ 8000).   In fact, the toner cart 
is supposed to last 12k pages, which is probably longer than el-cheapo 
inkjet from wurstbuy would last (definitely longer than the 1/2 filled 
"economy" ink cartridge that it ships with would print).

I'm assuming, of course, that a LJ 8000's toner cartridge is the same 
cost as the 4si's cart (+- a bit) to fit your 'modern printer' 

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