[rescue] Tektronix Phaser 840 plus

Thomas Gallaway rescue at port11.net
Wed Jun 16 21:18:02 CDT 2004

Ethan O'Toole wrote:

>>Just rescued this baby out of the hands of a bad bad dumpster. It's just
>>warming up. So far so good. I hope it didnt get damaged during the rain
>>and looks like the plastic to the right has a dent/crack. But so far so
>>good. *excited*
>>-- Thomas
>Good luck! I was given a phaser 340. Had high hopes, bought a set of
>colorstix (aka gold nuggets, they are worth more than gold it seems).
>A few of the jets seem to be clogged and I don't know how to fix it. I
>upped the crystal drive strength on the unit and a few started working,
>but not many. I backed it down per recommendations of not frying the print
>Neat printers, we could use one for printing some marketing materials. But
>eBay supplies is a must. The gov't should be banned from buying the
>supplies. Gov't offices will regularly drop $1k+ for some supplies.
>To give you an idea, the printers will eat ~$100 in supplies if it is
>power cycled 8 times.
Crap! Well it seems like the black jets are okay. Also the blue and 
yellow. Just the red one has
about 5 not working jets and maybe 7 half working jets. I am running 
true the third cleaning light
stripes test now.

Luckily it was loaded full with "gold nuggets" so that's cool. Even if I 
waste those if I can get
it working I might spend some cash on more wax. Then again when SGI 
moved out of their
office in chantilly they tossed about $1500 worth of textronix 850 wax 
and I was just happy
to be near that dumpster :-)

It seems like it even has the duplexing unit so that's another plus.

-- Thomas

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