[rescue] More Housecleaning

Michael Dombrowski ab1244 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 13 17:19:14 CDT 2004

Hello All,
More house cleaning:


Card Lot:
3x SBUS TurboGX Cards
1x Matrox PCI Graphics Card
2x Linksys 10/100 Cards
1x Abit BX6 2.0 Motherboard + Slocket
1x Weird Unisys PCI Card
1x Xeon 400mhz w/heatsink
1x Xeon 450mhz
1x Xircom USB-SCSI Converter
1x CNET 10/100 Card
1x Packet Engines Gigabit Card, unknown condition,
possibly bad
1x AMR 56k Modem Card
1x HP Tachyon Fibre Channel Card
1x AMI Embedded Celeron Board, 2x10/100, 1xPCI Slot,
2xU160 SCSI, 2xUSB, one IC burned out, should be easy
to fix?
1x Xeon Terminator
1x Compaq Xeon Terminator
1x HP Network Probe III
Except where indictaed, all pulled from working
condition but sold AS-IS. I will _not_ split up the

2x Creative VOIP Blasters. Work in Linux & Windows.

Compaq SP700:
5u rackmount
Dual PIII Xeon 550mhz
1gb Registered ECC Memory
10/100 Ethernet
ISA, PCI Slots
Condition on this machine is unknown, it runs linux in
textmode just fine and quite speedily to boot. But
when I try to run X, it crashes card. Not sure if this
is a graphics card problem, or something with the
machine. It may just be a finicky Compaq, but I don't
know for sure. It has been running Slackware and
talking to my GPIB stuff, but I simply don't have the
space for it any more. My advice is to buy it is a
project machine. I had it up and running as my main
workstation for a long time and it was a _very_ nice

SunPCI 300mhz, no ram.

256mb Sun Memory for SunPCI II

Dual PIII 850mhz, 512mb Ram CompactPCI Machine w/SDI
video I/O boards. Dual power supply chassis. Local
pickup only (Detroit area).

Sonic Solutions 4Ch Digital I/O Converter:

Make offer on anything that interests you. Email me
with questions.


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