[rescue] Any DG/UX gurus out there?

D.A. Muran-de Assereto dmuran at tuad.org
Sun Jun 13 15:02:17 CDT 2004

Rescued a DG Aviion, and I'm getting an interesting error. Hope someone has
more information...

I found some boot disks which appear to have the OS already installed, DG/UX
4.11MU4. When I try to boot off disk 0, I get an error:
ERROR: Maximum number of aggregation units exceeded
and it drops back to the PROM.
I suspect this may be related to the machine configuration - it has four CPUs
on two CPU boards, four banks of RAM for 512MB total, and two I/O boards
installed. Is there some sort of licensing scheme preventing me from booting,
or have I exceeded the maximum legal configuration of the machine?
Since I have no docs, this is interesting.

Dave Muran-de Assereto

Aude Sapere!

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