[rescue] Dying monitor, any hope of replacement?

Phil Stracchino alaric at caerllewys.net
Thu Jun 10 22:59:30 CDT 2004

OK, looks like my Sun 90D10 is making its final arrangements to go to
the Great Datacenter In The Sky.  I just lost video on about the left
60% of the screen for several minutes before it recovered.  It's
*possible* it was just the result of power fluctuations, but it's been
acting up in a number of ways recently (for the last few weeks, I've had
to sit a room fan on top of it blowing air through it for forced cooling
to keep it working right).

Can anyone recommend someplace where I might possibly come up with an
inexpensive replacement 90D10?

('Course, what I'd *REALLY* like, if it has a HD15 video input -- which
I'm not sure -- is the LCD widescreen that Sun replaced the 90D10 with. 
One of those would just rock my world.)

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