[rescue] SPARC systems available for trade

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Tue Jun 8 23:55:50 CDT 2004

I've got the following systems available for trade.  I'm not abandoning Sun, 
I'm just clearing out storage space.

A project that I'm helping with has a limited budget, and our planned 
purchase of 1U boxes from ironsystems.com has been delayed.  Therefore, 
I need to find machines to hold us over temporarily for now.  

SPARC/Solaris is not an option for this project (otherwise, I'd have plenty 
of hardware!).  We're actually migrating *off* some higher-end Sun machines 
due to colocation and maintenance/support costs.

This is not related to SunHELP in any way other than that I maintain the 
machines for both projects.

What I have available for trade (or possible sale):

	- Sun Netra T1 105.  440Mhz CPU, 512M RAM, 18G HD.  No CD-ROM.
	  Back of case is slightly bent in the middle (a heavier server
	  was placed on top of it), but the system works just fine.  I'd
	  call it a "scratch-n-dent" or "ugly duckling" system.

	- Sun Netra T1 105.  440Mhz CPU, 512M RAM, 18G HD.  No CD-ROM.
	  New in box, although the rackmount rails are used and the console
	  cable set has gone missing.  (box was opened, but the system itself
	  was never taken out of the box). 

	- Qty. 2 Ultra 5.  333, 360, or 400Mhz CPU (I'll have to check).  
	  I think 512M RAM. CD-ROM drives, onboard PGX24 video, and I assume 
	  standard 9G IDE hard drives.  I can scrounge up keyboards and mice.

	- Sun Blade 100.  500Mhz CPU, 512M RAM, Expert-3D-Lite and onboard
	  video.  DVD-ROM drive.  Standard 15G HD.  NEW STILL SEALED IN 

	- Sun Blade 1000.  Single 900Mhz UltraSPARC-III CPU.  1 gigabyte
	  RAM, single 36G FC-Al hard drive, DVD-ROM drive.  Creator 3D Series3
	  framebuffer.  Keyboard and mouse.

What I need and am looking for:

	Qty. 2 or more x86 servers, each with:
	- 1U or 2U rackmount form factor
	- 733Mhz or greater CPU (AMD or Intel, doesn't matter)
	- at least 512 megabytes of memory
	- 80G or larger 7200rpm (8M cache preferrable, 2M ok) IDE hard drive
	- CD-ROM drive
	- 10/100base-T ethernet
	- Must be able to run Red Hat Linux
	- Ability to redirect console to the serial port would be nice

If interested, email me at mrbill at mrbill.net.


bill bradford
austin texas

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