[rescue] SGI Crimson boot sequence?

Francois Dion fdion at atriumwindows.com
Mon Jun 7 16:15:59 CDT 2004

Gerhard Lenerz wrote:

>>Or is -f required?
>  I've seen it work either way. I am living with the impression that
>  using "-f" is the correct way to do it though.
Tried both way, no go.

>  The Toshiba drive you are mentioning is a rather old one, right? Do
>  you have a Plextor SCSI drive around? These are giving me good
>  results on IRIS 4Ds. The only catch is that the blocksize jumper has
>  to be set to force 512b blocksize operation.
I tried a Toshiba XM3501, an XM5301 (I couldn't find a setting for 
blocksize on either), a plextor PX-32TSi (with and without the "Block" 
jumper on), a NEC Spin something 6x, and still always the same exact 
error. I also put the CDROM on bus 0 and SCSI ID 4 just in case, 
following on Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez recommendation. No go.

Caleb also suggested:
 >Have you tried "ls dksc(1,2,8)" and "ls dksc(1,2,7)" ?

It complained it couldn't find ls (with some CDROM light activity just 
before the error).

It could be that only the XM3401 (not 3501 or later) will work:

As for Plextor, I know you are using one, but maybe only a specific 
model or even firmware will work. What is your model/rev?


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