[rescue] FS: Sun 20" GDM-20D10 (13w3 connector)

Chunky chunky at trideja.com
Sun Jun 6 22:15:08 CDT 2004

Time has come for me to cut back on my hardware hoard... a good 
friend suggested I send a post to the Rescue List.

I have a 20" Sun monitor (GDM-20D10) that has was rendered surplus a 
few months ago after replacing it with a newer 20" monitor. The 20D10 
is in perfect working order, aside from the picture being not quite 
as sharp as it should be (as compared with a GDM-20E20, same tube, 
different controls).

I was using the 20D10 with my PowerMac G3 thanks to a pair of 
adapters (13w3 --> VGA? and VGA --> Mac db15) with no problems of any 

The monitor supports a variety of resolutions, but it is not a 
multisync monitor and will not work with most modern gaming video 
cards. I was only able to use it at 1152x870 @ 75Hz on my PowerMac 
due to the adapters required. Compatible video cards must support 
fixed resolution monitors (ie. resolution preset)...

That said...

I'm in the Vancouver, BC area, and would prefer a local buyer as I've 
never shipped a monitor or anything remotely near the size and weight 
of a 20" monitor.

Asking price:  $100, or best offer. Am open to trades, despite 
wanting to cut back oh hardware hoard.

I may be able to deliver the monitor, provided it is convenient.

Reply via private email:   chunky at trideja.com

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