[rescue] 4d/310 confusion

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Fri Jun 4 12:33:03 CDT 2004

At 04:03 PM 6/3/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>>>Somebody has got to pick this puppy up! You can even upgrade to an IP15 

"Bid" and email to the owner are in.

I found a graphics design student who (until I showed him this thing)
thought he had some power and could do some nice graphics on his SGI
(Intel-based) workstation.  He's drooling; the puddle is getting quite deep.

I may know very little about this hardware, but compared to Dan I'm an
expert.  He's an Intel PeeCee baby.  So, I will be working with him to get
this running and possibly updating it to VGXT with RM3 boards.  Likely
signing him up on this list soon, if we get the beast, since he's bugging
me about getting more stuff in there already and we don't even have it in
hand (truck) yet!

Any help with a better CPU, some RAM, RM3 board(s), a GM3B to handle RM3's

Hey, don't look at me, y'all were egging me on and you know it!  You guys
know these things are addictive.

Wes Will
I am Fermentus of Borg.
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