[rescue] External Jazz Drive suppply/cartridges/info wanted

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Fri Jun 4 09:19:14 CDT 2004

I have inherited an external 1G Jazz drive.

Oddly enough I think this one died early in life.

Turned out to be a picofuse one of the supply lines.

Replaced the picofuse and the drive is fine (came 
with a new cartridge as well).

However, now that it is back in it's external enclosure
I don't have a power supply.

Anyone have an external Jazz power supply.

Anyone have the pinout for one of these supplies (I
know I have supplies with compatable voltages, I
just don't know the voltage pinouts).

Also, anyone got any 1G cartridges ?  I'm looking for
cheap cheap... as 1G is pretty small by today's standards
so I'm not looking to dump much money into this.

Thanks in advance,

  -- Curt

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