[rescue] 4d/310 confusion

Gerhard Lenerz mail at g-lenerz.de
Thu Jun 3 15:33:37 CDT 2004

Thursday, June 3, 2004, 10:03:58 PM, Francois wrote:

> -it's cool :)

  Plus the sound is great! It is loud but it's a kinda low pitched
  hum. Sounds like some work is getting done. ;-)

> -looks to be in good shape

  Indeed. Mine looks like pulled out of a dumpster. Bent metal, broken
  plastics and all.

> -can run Irix 5.3 or you can go retro with 4D-4.05

  I'd go with 5.3.

> -it has a 2/3 populated MC2, an IO3, a cpu card, and a complete 5 span 
> VGX. It has the 10span connector for the VGX

  I've never seen one that covers only two boards. On all I've seen
  there is space to add two RM plus the required DG board to the
  graphics subsystem.

> -The box itself can accept 2 5.25" half height (or 2 3.5") and 2 5.25"
> full height (or again, 2 more 3.5"). So you could have 1 cd-rom and 3 x 
> HD (all need to be 50 pin SCSI). You will need 4D disk brackets. I might 
> have 1 spare and I know a few list members have a few.

  Disk brackets are probably the biggest problem.

> -memory is hard to find for the mc2

  With some luck the board is populated 2/3 with 8MB SIMMs. In that
  case it can't get much better than that.

> -you would need one more RM2 to make it 10span.

  A nice to have feature. For normal operation there isn't a real
  difference there.

> -You will need to track down Irix 5.3 (I think 812-0323-001)
> -Will not run anything more modern than 5.3 (no 6.5 or even 6.2)

  It can run 5.3 XFS.

> -It's heavy
> -It's relatively big (wont fit in your car unless it's a wagon or larger)

  Uhm... I've moved a couple of these in my Volkswagen Polo. It helps
  to remove the skins ((1) door, (2) back skin, (3) left and right
  skin and (4) top skin) which leaves you with 5 large plastic skins
  and one large metal case. Now you can put the machine in any
  direction without breaking any plastic during the drive.

  They've also got 4 wheels so you can drag them around easily on flat

> -It produces heat (a good thing in winter tough)
> -batteries not included :)   (this thing could pull a good 5 amps 
> depending on the drives).

  Yup, that matches with the 600+W I've measured for my desksides.


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