[rescue] Technos Axcel Resynthesizer

Francois Dion fdion at atriumwindows.com
Thu Jun 3 15:31:19 CDT 2004

Now that would be quite a rescue. Blast from the past for me.

I used to exchange emails with David Evans at Uwaterloo, over 10 years 
ago, as we used the Gravis Ultrasound soundcards (in fact, one american 
Organ manufacturer used an x86 motherboard, maybe a passive backplane, 
not sure, with a truckload of GUS to get some unreal polyphony and real 
time stop control - that would be another worthy rescue). We'd talk 
about synths of course, and he mentionned he was using a Technos Axcel 
Resynthesizer (later they became Lyre, I think, when Technos filed for 
bankruptcy). I was floored because I worked with a guy who had worked on 
this machine.

I had mentionned this machine before, but I just stumbled on David's 
page on the beast:

There is a definite SGI Deskside affinity there:

Check out the voice card!


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