[rescue] Reminder: Nyx BBQ and Housecleaning, Sunday, June 6th, 10:30AM, SW Denver, CO

trygve lode trygve at trygve.com
Thu Jun 3 11:18:42 CDT 2004

What: Nyx Housecleaning and Barbecue
Where: Trygve's house, southwest of Denver, Colorado (email for directions)
When: Starting Sunday, June 6th, 10:30AM

Here's your chance to meet other Nyxers and (optionally) help me clear
out some of the hardware that we're just not going to use. Food will
be provided, but feel free to bring some, too. If you know some folks
who are looking to clutter up their homes with obsolete computer 
hardware, feel free to pass this invite along. Depending on my level of
inspiration, I'll probably put some slightly-less-obsolete stuff out for
sale, too, but there'll be plenty that's in the "free to good home" 
category--I'm hoping that as much of this as possible will go to people
who would get some enjoyment out of it.

Giveaways include:

17" Sun Monitors
Sparc 5s, up to 170MHz/256M
Sparc 10s
Sparc ELCs and others
A few Ultra 1s
Lots of external SCSI enclosures
Several Andataco "RAID Lite" enclosures (which are not light at all)
Hundreds of small SCSI hard drives (4G and below)
Several Compaq hot-swap drive arrays and caddies
Assorted tape drives including 4mm, QIC, and 8mm
various non-Cisco routers and CSU/DSUs 
  (Cray Communications, Wellfleet, etc.)
Some Commodore Amiga and C64 cables
Older Apple parts and cables
External Serial Modems
Many manual switchboxes (serial, etc.)
Older laptop computers (mostly 386 and 486)
Assorted networking hardware
Too many ISA cards
Lots and lots of miscellaneous.

I'm located near the intersection of C-470 and Highway 85 (Santa Fe).
If you're interested in dropping by, email trygve at trygve.com for

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