[rescue] U30 video slowness

Meelis Roos mroos at linux.ee
Thu Jun 3 06:47:59 CDT 2004

> I installed Debian woody on it and am using the "correct" (i.e. not

Older Debian releases seem to be particulary slow at graphics on Sparc.
2 years ago I tried a post-woody unstable snapshot on a 500 MHz blade
100. It was a disaster, X was unreasonably slow. OS level benchmarks
were faster than in Solaris but anything graphic was slow. I recompiled
XFree with correct CPU tuning and gatos drivers (to get video overlay on
ati mach64), it made the graphics significantly faster but still slow.
The blade got its Solaris back.

Now I used a 360 MHz Ultra 5 some months ago with current Debian
unstable. It was much snappier than the blade 100 was before. It ran KDE
3.1 and any other X apps just fine - It was like a 500-600 MHz Celeron
on PC scale.

So I guess that Debian has fixed something major about Sparc graphics in
last 2 years.

Meelis Roos (mroos at linux.ee)

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