[rescue] Centronix to RJ45 (for terminal server)

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Wed Jun 2 21:02:13 CDT 2004

trygve lode declared on Wednesday 02 June 2004 08:46 pm:
> Patrick Finnegan <pat at computer-refuge.org> wrote:
> > Of course, I used to have a bunch of the cables, attached to an
> > Annex 3 ("Xylogics", as it was from before they got bought up by the
> > b*stards at Bay Networks).  I wouldn't have such a grudge against
> > Bay if they didn't want hundred of $$$ for the software that goes
> > with these things.
> They do?  I have a few Annex 4000 units (with the same cables as you'd
> described) and I'd just pulled the software that I'd needed down from
> Nortel Networks (which bought Bay Networks, etc.)
> http://www130.nortelnetworks.com/cgi-bin/eserv/cs/main.jsp?BV_SessionI

Hmm, maybe not anymore, or maybe I'm confusing this with the Xyplex 
Network 9000.  It seems to be downloadable now.  I with I hadn't thrown 
out that box now.. :-/

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