[rescue] SGI Challenge L Power

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Wed Jun 2 15:25:40 CDT 2004

Geoff Koehler wrote ...
> You might want to look at this:
> http://www.sgi.com/support/fco_pwr_supply/
> You might be able to get SGI to replace the power supply free :).
> I did it with my onyx a couple of years ago.  If you already
> have the new rev power supply you will be SOL, of course.

Very interesting.

I called SGI Support to see if they were still replacing these, and the
answer I got was "it depends, call your local service center."  The chap I
spoke to indicated that he didn't know of a policy on these unless the
machine was under SGI maintenance, but he made it sound like finding a
sympathetic ear might produce results.

He did give me the part numbers of the old, bad power supplies and the new

Old, bad, recalled:	013-0513-002 (1900W on 110 VAC)
New, good:			060-0120-001 (1500W on 110 VAC)

Of course, there may be other part numbers....


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