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Geoff Koehler koehler at shaw.ca
Wed Jun 2 11:39:05 CDT 2004

Hi Francois and All, 

You might want to look at this:


You might be able to get SGI to replace the power supply free :).  I did it with my onyx a couple of years ago.  If you already have the new rev power supply you will be SOL, of course.  Speaking of Challenges (Challengi?), Im still looking for an L backplane - anyone??

Cheers, Geoff

Geoff Koehler
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
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From: Francois Dion <fdion at atriumwindows.com>
Date: Wednesday, June 2, 2004 9:12 am
Subject: Re: [rescue] SGI Challenge L Power

> Sheldon T. Hall wrote:
> >Francois Dion says ...
> >
> >  
> >
> >>Getting closer. In fact it's a good thing I had this small 
> victory last
> >>night. Before I looked at the crimson again, I had decided I'd be
> >>playing with the Challenge L and altough the power supply AC 
> good led is
> >>on, when I turn the key, nothing happens :O Argh. So now I have 
> to track
> >>down yet another problem.
> >>    
> >>
> >
> >Well, at last.  Something SGI I can _talk_ about, instead of 
> _ask_ about.
> >
> >On my Challenge L, the switch in the back (the circuit breaker) 
> is funky.
> >It feels a bit limp when you move it; it doesn't have the firm 
> internal>"snap" you'd expect.  If you just move it from "Off" to 
> "On", it doesn't
> >really go on.  You have to snap it over fairly quickly and 
> forcefully.  If
> >you do that when the machine's plugged in, the power-supply fans 
> come on, no
> >matter the keyswitch position.  If the PS fans are on, and you'll 
> hear 'em
> >if they are, the key switch will do something.  Otherwise it won't.
> >
> >-Shel
> >  
> >
> As you might remember I had gotten a -12V overvoltage a few weeks 
> back. 
> Eventually it resume normal operation and then I powered it off 
> for 
> about 2 weeks.
> You had replied:
> >Great! Of course, the reason for the original error is still 
> unknown....
> So something was wrong it seems. How it works right now:
> Flick the power to "on", comes on ok, power supply fans are on, AC 
> Good led is on (amber). Turn the key to on, and nothing... The LED 
> display backlight doesn't even come on. Nor do the two leds above 
> the SC come on...
> Looking at:
> http://futuretech.mirror.vuurwerk.net/chalonyxdiag/power.html
> Ah! It states:
> 2.2.1 System Controller and OLSs
> [...]
> Each OLS also has a green and amber LED. The amder LED lights to 
> indicate that the AC input voltage level is within acceptable 
> levels. The green LED lights to indicate that the DC output 
> voltage levels are within acceptable levels. Both LEDs should 
> remain lit during normal system operation.
> And of course, the green LED is off. I wasn't sure if that was 
> dependant on the keyswitch or not, but from this it is clear it is 
> self-contained. The key only interrupts power from the 48V output 
> of the PS to the backplane. So I guess I'll be looking at the 
> power supply (Cherokee). Unless somebody has a spare. Man, Octane 
> PS are a dime a dozen, but I bet it's going to be hard to find a 
> PS for the Challenge.
> Francois
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