[rescue] DEC sale questions

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Wed Jun 2 09:08:05 CDT 2004

Hello everyone,

 As part of a lot of excess equipment I purchased (with goals of getting
one or two specific pieces of equipment) there is a ton of Dec equipment.

 I'm looking to sell a grey 4100 deskside with 4 x 300mhz CPUs, 2.5gb of
RAM (2 gigs are centon boards). Is $750 fair for this thing?

 Second is three Digital racks that have lots of rackmount storageworks
trays in them, mostly 4gb disks. there two two HSZ50 units each with
redundant card sets... then there are two Alphaserver 2100 rackmounts, a
parted 4100 and a more complete 4100. Lots of bits and pieces, HSZ40B's
(8 HSZ40 card sets in boxes too). A few HSZ50 upgrade kits new in box too
I think. The racks would probably fetch $300+ each. Is $1500 fair for all
of this? The servers are mostly missing RAM, but have lots of other cards
in them (FDDI, maybe fast ethernet, scsi scsi scsi).

I'm having a hard time figuring what to ask, and need to kind of move it
quickly because our clubhouse is nothing but little walkways around loads
of hardware.

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