[rescue] SGI Crimson boot sequence?

Gerhard Lenerz mail at g-lenerz.de
Wed Jun 2 08:56:52 CDT 2004

Wednesday, June 2, 2004, 3:32:08 PM, you wrote:

> I didn't trust my serial cable too much so I built a brand new one,
> connected to the GM3 db9 and I got some output there, starting at:
> NOTE: PROM checksum (0x513825)
> all the way to
> NOTE: end of PROM based diagnostics
> GM PROM (Mon Jun 11 20:43:29 PDT 1990)

  Looks good, I'm not sure though how it would behave if there is
  something wrong.

> Yeah, I haven't set the time yet, cause I couldn't get to the console.

  Hmmm... I think it's the PROM version that dictates the time. Can't
  remember seeing anything else except dates from 1988-1990.

> But bummer too... this Crimson was supposed to be 256MB VXGT and it
> turned out 128MB VGX... The other box is 0MB VGX...

  Ah, on the other hand VGX/VGXT doesn't make a big difference apart
  from the "nice to have" value I guess. Getting 128MB instead of
  256MB sucks a bit, if the machine was free or cheap enough that
  isn't a problem either. It's enough for running IRIX 6.2.

> Alright, let's try hinv:
>                SCSI CDROM: Controller 1, ID 6

  So it sees the CDROM, but not a drive. That there is no harddisk
  attached is correct?

>                 CPU board: IP17 75 MHZ

  Which actually makes it a 150MHz R4400 Crimson.

> The PROM hinv is not as verbose as the IRIX hinv, is it.


> Alright then, let's try to boot this sucker. Too bad I dont know how to 
> set the output to the monitor instead of the console.

  Enter the command monitor and try setting the console variable to

  setenv console g

  If it is set to "d" it may be possible that output to the display
  only starts when the machine is booting into IRIX.

> I'd like to make sure the keyboard is working... "set output video"?
> Well, let's try using the console for the install.

  If it is attached and you are still in the command monitor there is
  a variable that shows GFX status. It is IIRC set to "(dead)" if
  there is no graphics hardware and/or no keyboard/mouse detected.

>                          Installing System Software...
>                        Press <Esc> to return to the menu.
> Insert the installation CD-ROM, then press <enter>:
> Unable to open "dksc(1,2,8)" error = 5

  It is trying to boot from SCSI ID #2 for some reason. You could
  either set the SCSI ID on the drive to #2 or have a look at the
  NVRAM variables in the command monitor.

> Same thing... So It seems like it doesn't like my Toshiba XM-3501, which
> I tought were very SGI friendly... Does it have to be at a specific SCSI 
> id? Specific bay?

  Typically it can boot from any bay and any SCSI ID. It also doesn't
  matter if you are putting it on the first (#0) or second (#1) SCSI
  controller. In your case it is on the second one.

> It's currently residing in the top half height drive bay. I tried
> both the 5.3 and 6.2 CDs, but I dont see activity on the CDROM
> (altough I hear some seeking).

  Apparently the SCSI subsystem is wired to have the lower drivebays
  on SCSI bus #0, the upper drivebays on bus #1.

> Getting closer.

  Very close I think. :-)

> In fact it's a good thing I had this small victory last night.
> Before I looked at the crimson again, I had decided I'd be playing
> with the Challenge L and altough the power supply AC good led is on,
> when I turn the key, nothing happens :O Argh. So now I have to track
> down yet another problem.

  I have no first hand experience with Everest bus machines so far.
  Probably someone else can step in there.


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