[rescue] U10 IDE? (and possibly "NetApp home users")

Thomas Gallaway rescue at port11.net
Tue Jun 1 18:31:41 CDT 2004

Thomas Gallaway wrote:

> Torquil MacCorkle, III wrote:
>>> What's the deal with those drives, anyway? Why are they so cheap? Do
>>> they perform poorly, or something? Is there any reason *not* to go with
>>> these drives any time I need an SCA drive for something? (I know that
>>> they're not U320/15K or anything, but compared to other 7200RPM drives
>>> are they much slower?)
>> You can get 23gb full height SCSI drives for *$2.99* *NEW* online. 
>> Think, a
>> 1TB SCSI array for under $200. (If space is of no concern)
> I recently bought 50Gb EMC sca drives for $12.50/pop. That's $500 for 
> 1Tb plus i guess you need a
> drive chassie for 20 drives. Too bad I could not get more than 6 
> drives too.
Err I hate to correct myselfe. At first I calculated it with $25/pop but 
then i remembered i got 6 drives for $75.
And forgot to update the $500 so that makes $250/Tb...

Too bad there are not more available right now.

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