[rescue] SGI Crimson boot sequence?

Gerhard Lenerz mail at g-lenerz.de
Tue Jun 1 10:25:50 CDT 2004

Hello Francois,

Tuesday, June 1, 2004, 4:10:06 PM, you wrote:

> I have 1 extra card, to the right he only has 2 cards (1 RM2 and 1 DG1)
> and 1 have 3 (2 RM2 and 1 DG1). Do you know where one can get these edge 
> connector boards (front bus)? I'd like to find one with 4 or 5 slots 
> span, instead of my 3 slot span unit.

  for VGX/VGXT graphics you can only have one or two Raster Manager
  boards, more are only possible with Reality Engine graphics.

  For the front bus there are 3 different boards:
  030-0155-001 -> connects GM and GE
  030-0160-001 -> connects RM, RM and DG
  030-0195-001 -> connects RM, RM, VO1 and DG

> Also, on the GM3 graphics manager board, there is a non shielded DB9 
> connector. Any idea what that might be? I'm really surprised that none 
> of the schematics or manuals have found their way on the net. Even SGI 
> no longer supports any of that stuff...

  That is a serial port. You can attach a terminal there and watch the
  graphics subsystem come alive.

> The more I am looking at this, the more I think I might have a problem
> with the IO3B. No led stay on after the POST cycle (during which 1 scsi 
> and 1 ethernet led go on then off).

  I currently can't remember if any LEDs are supposed to stay on. It's
  possible that all/most of them are used to monitor activity on the


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