[rescue] 30-pin RAM

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Tue Jun 1 09:22:07 CDT 2004

The discussion a few weeks back was about old 30-pin memory sticks, and I
thought I had some.  To my horror, I was a couple days late in the salvage,
and lost several pounds of them.  Dem's da breaks....

I've dug up a limited source for some 30-pin RAM, and likely have more to
come.  The kid's a packrat, truly.  Anyway, he wants a buck a meg a stick
(1-meg stick, $1, 4-meg stick, $4, to preclude any possible
misunderestanding), plus the actual cost of shipping (Post, static bag, and
padded envelope).  Sounds pretty reasonable to me, actually.

- I'm making nothing on the deal. -

For a sample, he dragged in a bag of SIMMS for me to check.  They all test
fine in cmos, no intensive checks done (we dug up a motherboard...).  All
are 9-chip parity, various brands and a couple of no-namers.

4 1-meg Kensington, ktm1000s, looks like 70-ns

2 1-meg PNY, not marked otherwise, AAA1M300J-08 chips (80-ns?)

1 1-meg PNY, with NEC chips and screened on the back "1 MB upgrade 1 MB x
9-80NS chip 91809"

2 1-meg Micron Technology, MT9D19M-8 9216, looks like 80-ns

4 4-meg no-name, each stick uses 9 goldstar 4Mx1 GM71C4100CJ60 60-ns chips,
screened on the stick is the part number "PS 91/344J"

That's a start, and more likely coming when the kid I got this from gets
around to bagging the stuff up and dragging it in here to me.  

Anybody need 72-pin DIMMS as well?  1-, 4-, and 8- meg sticks, likely a
bunch of them, too.

Wes Will
Help Desk, SIUC
Welcome to my nightmare.

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