[rescue] NetApp home users

James Braid jamesb at loreland.org
Tue Jun 1 02:01:26 CDT 2004

On 1/06/2004, at 11:31 AM, Skeezics Boondoggle wrote:
> An F630 with the shiny metal faceplate is one of the *coolest* looking
> boxes around - it uses an Alpha CPU instead of x86, and was the 
> largest of
> the SCSI-based filers (although you can configure it with FC-AL).  For
> sheer "coolness factor", an F630 rocks the world. :-)

The FAS960 we have at work has a shiny faceplate. Its a dual Xeon box 
though, but at least it has Open Firmware (yay). It is a beast with 12x 
DS14 shelves on it. Solid as a rock too, the only reason for downtime 
on it has been to reboot to upgrade to new Data ONTAP releases.

> I'd say if you want a "low-end" home-use box that's still supported by
> current software releases, the F720 is the best bet.  We've got one at
> work that's been absolutely rock solid, been up for nearly 4 years, 
> and in
> a few months it'll be mine.  That'll make a nice upgrade to the F330. 
> :-)

The F720 I have rocks, and it runs the latest 6.5.1R1 software too. Its 
great. I got 4x FC8 w/7x 18GB from ebay for about $150 each.

Something I did notice when trying generic disks in it was that they 
only showed up as 50% of the capacity of the disk, e.g. with a 36GB, 
the filer only used 18GB. Not sure if it is just a FC thing or what, 
but it was pretty weird.

Cheers, James

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