[rescue] A Question about Snap Servers

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Sat Jul 31 07:54:20 CDT 2004

   On Fri, 30 Jul 2004, Bob Keyes wrote:

> Linux has nice software RAID functionality. Not to be a linux
> chauvanist, I am sure some other OSs do, as well

   Solaris has it if one installs DiskSuite (I'm not sure if that
works under Solaris 10 -- or even if it's required under 10); AIX
has it "out of the box"; and, of course, the afforementioned Linux.

> [...(] Has anyone else here read "Eats, shoots, and leaves"?).

   Yes,  it's a wonderful read.  My take on the "OS plural" matter
is to determine whether when one is reading it (aloud) whether one
_says_  "oh ess" or "operating system".  If the former, as I do, I'd
use "OSes"; otherwise, "OSs".  But, that's kind of like the proverbial
question, "What's the plural of moose"?

> This may be particular to the motherboard I was using, but
> I couldn't support more than 4 ide devices. I had thought that
> more cards would mean more devices, until I ran out of IRQs.

   There's a reason for non-PC architectures, you know....


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