[rescue] Anyone in Austin want to meet me for Rudy's?

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Fri Jul 30 11:38:25 CDT 2004

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> On Thu, 29 Jul 2004, Bill Bradford wrote:
> >> Also, any suggestions for things to see
> >> and do in Austin while i'm there?
> >
> Indeed.  "Hot enough to fry an egg" doesn't even begin to describe it.
> On concrete it gets "barely not hot enough to boil water".
  I was in Las Vegas on Wednesday and Thursday for BlackHat...115 degrees 
Farenheit...in the shade!  But it was a dry heat! :-)

  I thought the soles to my sneakers were going to melt...it was that hot in 
the sun.

  The worst I ever remember Austin getting to was 112 degree Farenheit back in
September of 2000...but that had humidity added in.  I remember getting out of
the office on North MoPac and walking out the door to the garage and with the
hot wind blowing on me I could have sworn I had just walked into a convection
oven.  That was hot.

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