[rescue] NetApp 520 for rescue: Austin, TX

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Thu Jul 29 11:21:21 CDT 2004

I've got a complete NetApp F520 system available in Austin, Texas.

	- F520 head unit
	- Complete NetApp spares kit (replacement motherboard, fan tray(s), 
	  power supply, etc)
	- Four Storage Shelf 2 SCSI disk shelves, with seven 9G disks each
	- All cables, etc
	- Latest OnTAP for this filer on CD-ROM with all documentation
	- Valid NFS license keys for OnTAP (okay to use for a home/hobbyist
	  environment, but not a for-profit/production installation)
	- Melamine-and-steel "rack" enclosure that can hold all of the 
	  disk shelves (not very sturdy, but it works)

I just don't have the room (nor the cheap electricity) to keep this around
anymore.  The head unit is 6U, and the disk shelves are 3U each.  

I'd like to trade it for an 80G-or-larger 3.5" IDE hard drive, or some sort 
of small/tiny PC like a Dell Optiplex GX110.

The person I got it from has even more spares (including another complete
head unit) available if needed for no more than the price of packing/

Must be picked up in person - I will not and cannot ship.

Email me if interested.  I'm certainly not going to toss this or throw it
away if I don't find any takers, but I hate having it sit and take up space
and gather dust unused as well.  It has an interesting prior-owner history
that I can detail in email.


bill bradford
austin texas

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