[rescue] drives needed/stuff to trade or sell

Ryan Thoryk ryan at tliquest.net
Wed Jul 28 18:42:31 CDT 2004

I'm adding a small hardware RAID array to a machine (trying to go for
either a 3 drive 10k rpm 9 gig or 18 gig array), but one drive was
defective and another one is too big (i had 2 9 gigs and an 18 gig, which
means I would be wasting half of the 18gig drive; but then i found out
that the second 9 gig drive had serious issues).  So I was wondering if
anyone's got any SCA or 68pin drives lying around that they'd want to
trade or sell me.  I could trade the 18gig for 2 9 gigs, or go with 2 18

Some hardware that I'm trying to get rid of is a DEC PWS 433a that used to
run Linux (i took the drives out of it), and also possibly a dual 250mhz
Sun Ultra 2 and a 170mhz Sparcstation5 (i'm still pondering which one of
those I should keep, since I need to get rid of some stuff since i'm
just a broke college kid lol).  Nobody's taking my Indigo2 though ;)

So if anyone's interested, just either reply to this or contact me
directly.  I'm also in the Chicago west suburbs, so if you're in the area
then I can just drop stuff off, etc.

Ryan Thoryk
Unix and Network Specialist
CTO of Pacific Island Software, Inc.
Student at Taylor University
ryan at tliquest.net
ryan_thoryk at tayloru.edu

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