[rescue] SGI Challenge Resurection (was : More Indigo Problems)

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Tue Jul 27 10:14:54 CDT 2004

>> >
>> > I'll bet a water-cooled heat exchanger would work well, in a building
>> > next to a lake or river.
>> Actually, there's a place in Georgia that does that... I want to say it
was a
>At college in Tx, the school has several big cooling plants that pump
>cool water/air around campus.  They are basically just big man-made

Fondly known as "Swamp Coolers."

As for the geothermal, the long-field (hundreds of feet of pipe a couple of
feet down is not your only nor your best bet.  There is another model for
heat exchange, less expensive to install and much more efficient (according
to the hvac guy I know).  Instead of a long shallow field, you dive
straight down 60 or so feet, about 6-9 inches in diameter.  At the bottom
of the hole there is a set of coils that do the heat exchange with the
surrounding mass.  Much cheaper and you don't tear up the entire yard doing
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