[rescue] B&W G3 + IBM Model M == Heaven

Isaac isaac at pobox.com
Mon Jul 26 15:42:37 CDT 2004

Not to get into an argument about it, but that's clearly a different
mouse than the macmice.com one - not necessarily worse, mind you, but it
doesn't look like the one I bought.

As for the whole macintouch/macmice flamewar, I'm steering clear of
that. I didn't know about it before bought my mouse, and frankly all
sides come off looking like net.kooks with too much time on their hands.
I've seen more rational discussions about BSD forks or the relative
merits of vi versus emacs.


On Mon, 26 Jul 2004, Nathan Raymond wrote:

> That's fine, but I wouldn't order from there, it's a $20 mouse at best,
> certainly not a $40 mouse, available here for $8.50 (though compgeeks
> shipping is usually pretty absurd):
> http://www.compgeeks.com/details.asp?invtid=USB-CLEARMOUSE&cat=MOU
> And if you want to know why you shouldn't order from MacMice, here you go:
> http://www.macintouch.com/mactable.html#macmice

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