[rescue] B&W G3 + IBM Model M == Heaven

Charles Monett camonett at woh.rr.com
Mon Jul 26 13:40:59 CDT 2004

>I just put my IBM Model M into my KVM, and ran it via USB to my G3, and I 
>am liking it, a lot.
>I used a utility called uControl to remap my Caps Lock key to Command, and 
>everything works great.
>This truly is the king of keyboards. Anyone else using a Model M? Let's 
>all talk about how great they
>are, so those without Model M's can feel inferior. :)
I keep mine on good 'ol IBM equipment (read: microchannel rs6k's, the kind 
that still had led segments),
and it's made others think I go overkill when I use anything else for a 
keyboard. I just need to find some
keycaps, however. I'm surprised you didnt map alt or ctrl to command (The 
last time I've seen a mac up
close and personal was when they first rolled out iMacs, and people were 
still using MacOS 9). The most
I've seen of the Macs were Classics, LC's, Performas, Quadras, and the 
occasional PowerPC-in-a-box 5x00.
Hence, I've not seen the layout in a very extended time, nor do I desire 
to. (But it makes one wonder if you
could adapt an ADB or later Mac keyboard to go into an RS/6000 just for the 
heck of it along with mouse)

>The only thing that could make this set-up better would be a better Mac.
Not to start any wars, but the only thing that'd make my setup better is a 
7044-170 or -270, since I'd rather
have guts than glitter.The imposing Business Black and heft do enough for 
all the show. Given what the
machines are and do, I'd rather have the sleeper imho.

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